Hydrogen technology for boating

H2Boat Energy Packs allow to store and produce large amounts of energy with totally zero emissions, integrating perfectly with the structure of the boat to increase its performance in an ecological and sustainable way, also increasing comfort. H2Boat is a pioneer in the use of a completely new energy source in the world of sailing.


Models and Solutions
for Energy Sustainability

The technology developed by H2boat for marine applications will be transferred to all applications that require sustainable energy and which are already the subject of the services that the Spinoff can offer through consulting, engineering and teaching activities. MOSES has already successfully completed several activities, with important industrial partners, and provides high-level expertise in the energy field.


Spin-off of the University of Genoa

H2Boat is a recognized spin-off of the University of Genoa born within the DIME Mechanical Engineering department with which it collaborates in technology transfer. H2Boat born driven by the desire to actually implement its ideas on an industrial level, always maintaining the innovative and enterprising spirit that characterizes the university activity.


TPG Spin-off

H2Boat comes from the experience of the Thermochemical Power Group, one of the most important research group in Italy in the energy field, and its members and employees have many years of experience as researchers in the university field..