H2Boat launches
The first hydrogen system for sailing
and motor-powered yachts and megayachts


Today it is possible
to improve personal well-being by minimizing impact on the planet

In terms of energy consumed and emissions produced


Innovation + Sustainability

Innovation as a tool for improving life for all
and for the environment

hydrogen, the new


Innovation, avant-garde, exclusivity: clean hydrogen energy becomes a concrete reality
no compromises, no vibrations, zero emissions: sail unlimited and enjoy the beauty of every journey
enjoy a unique experience combining harmony, comfort and respect for the environment.


Using hydrogen technology means benefiting from a clean and safe source, for unparalleled well-being and sustainability

After being processed by the system created by H2Boat, the water goes back to being simply water, reusable indefinitely. A perfect application of the circular economy

discover silent energy

The Energy Pack is a system developed by h2boat that stores zero-emission renewable energy for on-board services and propulsion via a hydrogen system


The system can be installed on both sailing and motor-powered boats, making them 100% sustainable and extremely functional: all the power you need without any side effects.

set course
for a blue future

We have put our skills at the service of environmental sustainability; a blue future is no longer just an utopia, but a decisive step towards well-being – for yourself and for the planet


We are an innovative start-up that develops from Bluenergy Revolution, a spin-off society recognized by the University of Genoa, formed by a team of researchers and engineers with a common goal: to revolutionize boating!
«We want to revolutionize the concept of travel. Reducing vibrations, noise, emissions and energy waste is good but eliminating them is better» Thomas

This is why we have developed the Energy Pack, a system for producing, storing and using energy produced from renewable sources, adaptable to sailing and motor boats, to make them zero impact on our seas

«Bringing hydrogen to boats to make them energy self-sufficient and green» Paolo

«The real cool thing is to integrate the hydrogen tank into the boat’s bulb to have a free tank!» Marco

«Those who have an H2Boat Energy Pack have something extra that no one else has» Alberto