A cutting-edge technology
that improves life on board

Hydrogen technology took man to the moon.
H2boat takes it in the nautical sector

Combining ECOLOGY with COMFORT

Technology is the use of everything that can be used to solve practical problems, to optimize procedures, to choose operational strategies to achieve a given objective. Hydrogen technology is not all the same. H2Boat exploits the best possible solutions to provide a complete system, which solves the problem of power generation with zero emissions, of energy storage in a safe way, of hydrogen recharge in an efficient and autonomous way, of reaction water recovery, because water vapour is also a greenhouse gas

For H2Boat, hydrogen means integration with renewable sources such as photovoltaics, wind power or hydrogen generation. But it can also be produced in a green way from any other source of electricity. Because the Energy Pack is a flexible and complete solution


H2Boat Energy Packs play a very important role in the reduction and elimination of local emissions. It’s a hybrid system that can be activated from renewable sources – hydrogenerators, solar panels or wind generators – or from traditional sources


The system consists of three parts:
The PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) type electrolyser is the future of green hydrogen production. Thanks to its polymer membrane, it can achieve high yields close to 80%, high reliability and low maintenance. Electrically powered, it splits the water molecule H2O into hydrogen and oxygen: H2O <=> H2 + 1/2O2. The hydrogen produced is then stored in metal hydrides.

Metal hydrides are metal alloys that act like sponges for hydrogen. Safe and space-saving, they are now the best way to store hydrogen on board your boat. They are able to hold at low pressure (below 10 bar) and at room temperature the same amount of hydrogen as a cylinder at over 350 bar/atmosphere.

The PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell produces high-efficiency electricity without combustion by recombining hydrogen and oxygen taken from the air to form water and heat as the only waste product. As compact as internal combustion engines for the same power, they weigh less and require less maintenance. PEM technology is reliable, and has been developed in the automotive sector and proven to operate for more than 40,000 hours.


Safe, space-saving and totally recyclable, metal hydrides are currently the best system for storing hydrogen on board your boat

For storing large amounts of energy, metal hydrides are more advantageous than batteries because the energy density in volume of metal hydrides is higher than that of conventional accumulators. In addition, stainless steel cylinders containing hydrides can be easily integrated on board in the keel or bilge and used as ballast
After being taken from MH and transformed into electricity thanks to the fuel cell, hydrogen returns to being water, collected and reused in a closed cycle to produce hydrogen again

MH are virtuous especially in terms of scale economy
The more the boat’s energy needs increase, the more compact and lighter they become compared to batteries with the same amount of energy